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Artisan Pillow

Sorry, this product has been retired.

Product Description

There is nothing more dangerous in life than comfort is an 11 inch by 7 inch throw pillow made in collaboration with a maker in Fargo – Annie who is owner and chief boss lady of junk at Redoux.  The design of the pillow is based on a quote from the Life and Times of a Remarkable Misfit.


There is nothing more dangerous in life than comfort.

The repose of stagnation draws you ever nearer to a precipice where you begin to accept, settle, and acquiesce to the whims of whatever circumstance or paradigm or context the world has trapped you in.

But always remember, my friend, while society has been cultivated over thousands of years to provide you limits, to keep order, to ensure that you don’t drift to distant from the standard deviation lest you cause a commotion … *you* were not made to fit in, you were are here to change the world … and people like us can’t afford to be too damn comfortable.

Additional Information

Dimensions 11inches × 7inches in

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