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Misfit Lucky Tie

Sorry, this product has been retired.

Product Description

This Misfit Lucky Tie is made in collaboration with a maker in Fargo – Ashley who is artist and owner of Aendee with a desire to make old things new in her unique way with her one of a kind handcrafted ties made from up-cycled shirts.  This very limited edition run of the Misfit Lucky Tie are handmade with the quote “Do it Anyways”.  It is the perfect reminder to us that fear may appear as wisdom or prudence when cloaked in a nice suit sitting across a conference table, but usually it’s just a kid poking a hole in your balloon because he’s mad he hasn’t got one.

So, what do you do?
Do it anyways.

And next time, know better than to ask for permission.

This quote comes from the essay by AJ Leon — Any Child Can Poke Holes in a Balloon.

Misfit Lucky Tie from Misfit, Inc. on Vimeo.
**Note: Each tie is a one-of-one creation by Ashley using up-cycled shirts.  Please choose the color family that you would like your tie from – Black/Grey, Red or Blue.  The ties in the photos are examples of the color families we are working in for this month.


**Note: Once this product closes on December 31 or sells out your tie will then be shipped out to you.  You should expect to receive your tie before the end of the month. If you are purchasing this tie as a gift for Christmas please include this in the notes during checkout so we can make sure you receive it in time. =)

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