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Define Your Moments or They Will Define You

Sorry, this product has been retired.

Product Description

The Define Your Moments print is a handcrafted, limited edition 13×19 inch art piece which is based on a quote from The Life & Times of a Remarkable Misfit. It is an artisan letterpress print on heavy card stock, made from recycled paper, with a vibrant red edge.

The quote originated from a conversation that I was having with my dear friend, Nick Walton, back in 2011 over artisan coffee in my favorite cafe in the world located in Stratford-on-Avon, just a few yards from the home of William Shakespeare. We were discussing the ethos of being a Misfit. About living with intention and doing work that truly matters. As the conversation evolved into reflection, he turned to me and said, “well, if we were to reduce those ideologies into one statement, I’m sure it would be to ‘define your moments or they will define you’.”

That moment has been forever seared in my mind. I always imagined hanging it on my wall so that no matter what tempest accosted my life in the future, no matter how busy I am or pressured I feel, that I might remember that we always have a choice. And that our lives are always just one brief moment of audacity away from remarkable.

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