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Welcome to Trendy Misfit. My name is AJ. I used to be an unremarkably average Manhattan finance executive until the day I decided to stop, once and for all, living some other dude's life. Today, I am a writer, adventurer, entrepreneur, humanitarian and a designer. Trendy Misfit is a design and apparel company I created in order to produce handcrafted products for troublemakers, misfits and general riff-raff. Every product is a limited edition concept that sprung directly out of my trusty Moleskin and into the world.

On the first day of each month, I release a new product that is available for purchase until the end of that month. Then it's gone forever. All products are responsibly made, and many will be completely sustainable by using recycled or "up cycled" materials.

Oh, and each day a product is live, it will increase in price by $1, so if you’d like to be notified before I launch a new one, you can sign up below.

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