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We Don’t Care About What You Know

We care about what you do with what you know.

The great (and possibly only) problem with the Information Revolution is that the act of Consumption has become ever so sexy that it is at times elevated to a flattering stature that it simply does not deserve.

We can quite literally spend an entire day answering emails on our sexy iPhone 5, reading Flipboard powered blogs on our sexy iPad3, responding to Tweetdeck’s every beckon chirp on our sexy MacBook Air … and deceive ourselves into believing that on this day, we actually did work, that we actually made something.

Of course, upon further inspection, we recognize that we didn’t. We didn’t make or create. We spent the day consuming and responding at worst, and curating at best.

In the 80’s no one ever patted themselves on the back because they spent 12 hours a day planted on a bean bag watching Laverne & Shirley re-runs while snacking on a stale bag of Cheetos. No, those people knew they were losers.

The great difference being, of course, that watching television is primarily about consuming entertainment, while the day I’ve described above is primarily about consuming information, some of which is valuable, some of which pretends to be.

But it’s still Consuming, which should never be confused with Creating. Reading a good book may feel great, but it is not the same as writing one.

But today, because Consuming looks damn good and feels so damn good, it is incredibly easy to trick ourselves into thinking it’s work.

There is no doubt that spending time ingesting and reacting to the thoughts of others is indeed  helpful, but it is never to replace the time needed to generate your own ideas, your own works, your own art.

Consuming is not a virtue. And Curating is only slightly better.

Creating … now, that is what you are here to do. Go make something, and when you’re finished, take a deep breath and do it again. The world needs you.


Your Fellow Misfit,



Ps – Originally, I had planned on writing a launch essay for Misfit Con Fargo 2014 today, but because all but two Misfit 2013 attendees pre-purchased a ticket for 2014, many of the Honorary Misfits elected to attend and a few hundred folks subscribed to be notified of the early bird application – the event is now Full. If you would like to join the waiting list to receive a notification if new spaces become available OR if we decide to produce another event somewhere in the world, you can do so here.

At any rate, I hope you’ll check out the websites for Misfit Con Fargo 2013 and Misfit 2014, I employed some new techniques on the design, spacing and typographical treatments.

Pps – Sorry I was so quite last week. I cracked a rib, was in an inordinate amount of pain, had to cancel my speaking engagement at TEDxFargo (which killed me!), raced home to get treated and get rest in order to hopefully be well enough to make my 20 hour flight to Kenya on Tuesday to conclude the Good Misfit project. Thank God for KT Tape, painkillers … and Gin. 🙂

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