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The System is Trying to Silence You

Not overtly, of course. It’s much more cunning than that.

It makes us feel as though we have entered a time when the ability to make things, to create and amplify our art, to do work that matters is easier than ever before. And of course we have. The great irony, however, is the fact that the same platforms that give us the opportunity to share our unique perspective with the world seem to ever gently lead us into the bleachers, and away from the field of play.

An article from Venture Beat stipulated that Americans spend 100,000 years of time each and every month on Facebook.

Let that soak in for a moment.

One hundred-thousand human years are spent every 30 days (primarily) consuming and reacting to the life streams of others and organizing the past into a tidy and sequential memorial unto ourselves (and possibly tending to virtual corn crops). And that’s just Facebook. Let’s not even dream about adding in the remainder of social, community and content based platforms.

By providing us with limitless opportunities to comment, to react, to interpret and consume – the system encourages us to become bystanders. It invites us to take a seat in the third row, buy a foot long hot dog and a Diet Coke and watch, cheer, comment and editorialize the work of those around us.

You know me. I’m a geek. I’m an early adopter. And I am certainly a proponent of the Connection Revolution … but not in so far as it recreates the world we had before. Where the chosen few would go forth and create, while the rest of us would stand as the amorphous constituents of a voiceless choir.

You have the power to make things. To create. To do work that matters. And you have the authority to share that art to the very ends of the earth, and to gather a tribe of individuals that truly care about that work. And you have a responsibility to inspire others to do the same.

There is no greater resource you possess than the hours of your day. Don’t ever forget that.


From the mountains of Asheville

Your Fellow Misfit,


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