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Sixteen Simple Ways to Make Money and Lose Self Respect

In no particular order…

1. Take on any client that is willing to pay you.

2. Rob a bank.

3. Make and sell products you wouldn’t be proud to own.

4. Never invest in yourself. Instead sock every last penny in a 401k that may or may not be there to greet you when you turn 65.

5. Start an underground dog fighting ring.

6. Procure the very highest paying job you can out of college.

7. Repeat #6 every four or five years for the rest of your life. 8. Ensure that a lofty retirement sailing around the Caribbean on shitty cruise ships is at the epicenter of your future planning.

9. Never EVER spend money on some stupid adventure, like say, taking a train trip across US for no particular reason.

10. Allow “profit” to be the primary factor in every decision you make, business or otherwise.

11. Wait for some well groomed banker or publisher or employer to choose you in order to start something that matters.

12. Sell crack to kids.

13. Do not live your life deliberately.

14. Don’t waste hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars launching projects like this or this for no money in return.

15. Troll on eHarmony foraging for trust fund babies.

16. Do exactly what your parents and your teachers and your friends think is best for you.   Making money is fairly easy. Making money while doing work that truly matters is not.

The key is in possessing a paradigm that does not worship at the altar of wealth. Money is not the root of all evil, the love of it is. Being able to leave money on the table because it’s not the right kind of money for you or because you know that by accepting it you become a mercenary for a cause you just don’t believe in, in my experience, may not be the mark of every “successful” person, but it is of every fulfilled person.   Contemporary “reason” and conformity and economics say you are crazy to make business decisions that don’t map to profits, but I say you are crazy not to.


From London

Your Fellow Misfit,



Ps – With pre-launch book tour events in Australia, Malaysia, Ireland and the UK (with many more to go!), the last few weeks has been nothing short of a poetic adventure. I have had the great opportunity to share moments (and pints) with misfits from all walks of life and from all over the planet. Today, I find myself in London where we are doing the second of a two day workshop with Marc Winn and a friend of his named Katie, who is seeking to turn the paradigm of education on it’s head in the developing world.

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