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Maybe It’s Your Time

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them.”

Most people look for reasons why they shouldn’t do something big.  Why they shouldn’t try launching that idea sitting in that sketchbook.  Why they shouldn’t consider leaving that job they hate.  Why they shouldn’t spend the money and take that trip to Africa they’ve always wanted to.  Why they shouldn’t pack up all their stuff and live abroad for a few years.

For the most part we live insulated lives.

We make choices that mitigate risk and keep us “safe”.  And our mind ruthlessly maintains two diametrically opposed thoughts in our head at all times.  On the one hand, we convince ourselves that we shouldn’t do anything too crazy, too unorthodox.  But on the other, those we admire and respect, those that inspire us, lead lives of courage and adventure seemingly unbound by convention.  In other words, although we are programmed to value security and safety,  its not like we stick up posters on our bedroom wall of 67 year old accountants with 780 credit scores, who never took a solitary risk in their lives but get to travel to the Caribbean three times a year during retirement.

But sometimes … your mind will let you dream.

It will permit you a glimpse of a life that could be.  A life that you desperately desire, but haven’t found the courage to pursue.  A life just barely within reach.  And sometimes you go as far as to move an inch beyond dreaming.  Do some research.  Tell some people.  But the very second you put your foot on the pavement, and attempt anything resembling taking that idea seriously, the sirens go off.  Your mind feels the traction away from safety and comfort.  And your brain alerts you of the impending danger.  The loss you might have.  The rejection you might feel.  The 401k that might evaporate.  So there you sit.  In a state of paralysis between the life you live and the life that could have been.

But Maybe.

Just maybe.  This is your year.  Maybe just maybe, you are lucky beyond reason to live in a time when starting a project.  When traveling the globe.  When living a life of adventure and passion.  When changing the world is easier than ever before.  And maybe just maybe.  You were meant to be here.  At this very moment.  And you were meant to have these crazy ideas.  And maybe just maybe.  You were meant to act on them.

In 2008, almost exactly around this time, I realized two things.

There was more to life than the monopoly game in Downtown Manhattan had to offer me. And more importantly, there was more to me than could ever be found in a place with so many rules.

Maybe you have been misplaced.  Maybe you are a remarkable misfit.


Maybe this is your time.

Your Fellow Misfit,



This is an excerpt from The Life & Times of a Remarkable Misfit, which has been downloaded over 100,000 times since it was first published a few months ago. Based on the response, I have launched a project to bring the book to print. If you enjoyed this essay, then I know you will LOVE the rewards I handcrafted for my generous backers. You can watch the video about the project here. Thank you in advance for your support. 


Ps – There are only two weeks left to submit a piece for the next edition of the Misfit Quarterly, set to be published on April 1. If you are a poet, artist, photographer or have a short story you would like to submit for entry, please go here.  Thanks to some extraordinary help from the the brilliant team at Green My Fleet over the last two days, our Veggie-Oil fuel delivery system is finally running up to par, and after a treacherous December, I certainly needed some good news about the Pegasus. I’m in Everglades National Park right now, where I will spend the next couple days doing a bit of writing and focusing on two Misfit projects which I will be telling you about very soon. Next week, I’ll be heading North. We are toying with the possibility of doing a tiny Misfit meetup in Tampa. The last one we did in Vancouver was a blast! If you are in that area, and would dig some Misfit hosted chocolate croissants and lattes, let me know, I have no idea how many misfits we have in those parts. 🙂


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