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Honorary Misfits Will Rule the World

Today, I am announcing the launch of the Print Edition of the Misfit Quarterly.

It’s difficult to express just how much the Misfit Quarterly means to me and my merry band of misfits. It is a creative arts magazine dedicated to facilitating and promoting creative art, in all of it’s various forms, for the Digital Generation. My vision is to find the most talented poets, photographers, writers and artists that you have never heard of, and provide them with a beautifully-handcrafted platform to share their art with the world.

And I’m proud to say that is precisely what I believe we have done.

It feels strange. What was once just a fervid, chocolate croissant-fueled chat about contemporary poetry and art and their place in the post-everything age, is now a living and breathing project. Thousands of real people from all over the world have actually read it and shared it and subscribed to the digital version, which is and will always remain free for the noble people of the inter-googles.

But today, I am launching a Limited Edition, handcrafted Print Version of the Misfit Quarterly. Want to see some pictures of just how badass it is?

Click here to see pictures.

Here’s the thing, there is no way to purchase individual copies of the Misfit Quarterly.

Wait. So, how can I get my hands on a beautifully handcrafted copy of the Limited Edition print version of the Misfit Quarterly for my office/house/cafe/submarine?

The only way to get your hands on a copy is by becoming an Honorary Misfit.

If you don’t care about the perks, and just want to support crazy AJ and his crazy ideas, you can become one here. (update: Membership is full.  If you want to be alerted when we open more spots fill out this form)


What is an Honorary Misfit?

Honorary Misfits are the beautiful and loving supporters of Misfit’s creative projects, and will be the only people in the wide world in possession of the Print Edition of The Misfit Quarterly. In my eyes, they are my comrades, and will essentially represent the inner-circle of Misfit-dom.

Are there any Perks? … C’mon, you don’t really know me if you are seriously asking that question.

In addition to receiving each handcrafted edition of The Misfit Quarterly (4 each year) to place on your desk or café or underground bunker or just to look super trendy in front of your scarf-wearing hipster friends …

Honorary Misfits will also receive:

1. Super Secret Misfit Dispatch

A monthly Behind-the-Scenes dispatch from me, in which I will go into exacting detail about projects I and the Misfits are working on. This will be useful for those who always ask me, “how do you generate revenue?” and “how do you launch so many different types of projects?”. It will be a practical exposè about the projects – revenue-generating, creative, client-based and humanitarian – that I am working on and how exactly I am producing them (sketches, screenshots, videos and all!). It will be a great resource for anyone seeking to build a similar business to Misfit because I will be sharing tips and information that I have never and will never share anywhere else on the web.

2. Limited Edition Idea Notebook that I am designing myself (exclusive for Founding Honorary Misfits)

Founding Honorary Misfits will be the happy recipients of a limited edition, handcrafted idea notebook that I am designing myself based on the artwork inside the first edition of the Misfit Quarterly. The notebooks are made from 100% recycled and sourced paper from paper mills in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest, and will be printed with vegetable-based inks made from plant oils. In other words, they are  Al Gore-approved. But most importantly, I hope they will inspire you to sketch and write and dream up works of art of your very own.

3. First to Know Everything!

Honorary Misfits will be notified before anyone in the Universe about any of Misfit’s other creative projects, products, events and general troublemaking around the world. Trust me, it will be worth it, the Misfits and I are cooking up some crazy stuff over the next twelve months.

4. Invitations to super-secret Misfit-only Dinners

As we travel around the world, I am hosting small dinners for the loving misfits who support POE and support the Misfits’ work. As an Honorary Misfit, you would have an open invitation to any dinner I host, and we would also notify you if we are planning to do one in your home town. The last one we did in Vancouver was amazing! Don’t believe me, ask Teri or Jane how fantastic it was. 🙂

5. Alert: I’m Heading Near You!

As I travel around the world, I get dozens of tweets, Facebook messages, emails and carrier pigeon requests everyday from people in the misfit community that want to get together for a coffee or a pint. While I would love to grab a beer with everybody, it is veritably impossible to coordinate these types of one on one get togethers with several thousand people while nomading around the world like a gypsy. As an Honorary Misfit, you are effectively telling me that you support my creative work and I, of all people, do not take that lightly. You will be the only one to know which cities I am heading towards before I pass through (which I will let you know in the super-secret monthly dispatch), making coordinating a coffee with you, Melissa and I in The Pegasus much easier to facilitate.

6. Special giveaways (only for Honorary Misfits) which will never be posted on POE.

Anyone who knows me even a tiny little bit knows that I love giving things away. In the five months since I launched POE, I have already given away a round trip ticket to anywhere in the world, and a complete Rebrand, Redesign and Consulting package worth $50,000. From time to time, I will host little giveaways exclusive only to Honorary Misfits. You never know when they’ll come or just how absurd they will be, but they will be only for you.

7. Last but certainly not least, my eternal gratitude.

I will forever and always appreciate your support of this entirely creative project, and YOU will be entitled to one hug and one chocolate croissant if ever our paths shall cross on my trip across the world. 😉


How much does it Cost?

Honorary Misfits will pay $27 per quarter, and receive a Print Edition of the Misfit Quarterly every quarter in addition to all the perks listed above. However, I will be capping the Honorary Misfits at no more than 150 Members (because of all the perks above).  If you are interested in becoming a Founding Honorary Misfit, you can sign up by here. (update: Membership is full.  If you want to be alerted when we open more spots fill out this form), and look forward to a personal email from me saying thank you with all my heart.


Feel free to stop reading here, but I wanted to take the time to answer two questions that I know I will be asked.

Really? Only $27 every three months?

Yes, that’s it.

No, this isn’t going to make me a millionaire, but that’s not the point.

It will help me finance the Misfit Quarterly, an entirely creative project, whose investment to produce has been sizable between design costs and printing costs and paying each contributor and my editors. But I have and will continue to fund the entire project myself if I have to because I believe in it. Because I know in my heart that there are misfits out there that the traditional publishing world has overlooked because they don’t quite “fit in”, because they don’t quite have the proper credentials as writers or poets or photographers or artists – and I intend to continue to find them and to give them a beautiful place to show the world what they can do.

But AJ, why would you waste your time and money on a Print Edition? Isn’t that antiquated?

It’s a risk sure, but I don’t believe so.

I believe in a hyper digital age, now more than ever we have a visceral desire to be connected to something real. Something tangible. More than ever we want courageous artisans to produce things that the almighty web cannot give us. We want beautiful, handcrafted things to hang on our non-Facebook walls and lay on our pixel-free coffee tables. We want artifacts and mementos of the things that actually matter to us. Of the things we support.

That may sounds like poetic horse shit to those that worship at the altar of infinite scalability, but I surmise that there are enough misfits out there that see the world my way, and will support people doing work they believe in.

But hey, it’s an experiment, so we shall see.

If you would like to be one of the few Honorary Misfits, you can sign up here. (update: Membership is full.  If you want to be alerted when we open more spots fill out this form).

Alright, that it is all from me. I’m off to Tampa for the day, then finally heading North to Georgia. Thank you for reading and for sharing my work and for caring.

I can feel it.

And I really do appreciate it with all my heart.

Your Fellow Misfit,


Update: Last night I sent a private email to folks who had asked to be notified about the Honorary Misfit program before it went live. There were *far* more signups then I anticipated. There are still a few spots left, but I will close out the links when they are gone. I may recruit new Honorary Misfits in a few months depending on how this goes. 

Written from:  Coastar Coffee shop in Lake Worth 

Today’s Image: Misfit Quarterly

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