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Do it Anyways

It doesn’t take much to be the guy in the room who says no to everything.

It’s not hard work to identify the general excitement behind a new idea or the momentum of a new direction and call out all the possible ways it could fail. Anybody can do that.

Any three year old kid with a tantrum can knock down a sand castle. All it takes is brute strength mixed with a little jealousy or fear. But it takes a special child to have had the creativity to imagine it, the initiative to collect the wet sand from the shore and the vision to have made with her hands what she saw in her heart.

When working in teams with others, remember this. Fear may appear as wisdom or prudence when cloaked in a nice suit sitting across a conference table, but usually it’s just a kid poking a hole in your balloon because he’s mad he hasn’t got one.

So, what do you do?
Do it anyways.

And next time, know better than to ask for permission.


From the Lower East Side

Your Fellow Misfit,



Ps – My team at Misfit and I have just launched our December product – The Misfit Lucky Tie. A gorgeous necktie handmade by an amazing artist in Fargo. The ties are produced from the material of up-cycled flannel shirts, and are inscribed with the words “Do it Anyways” on the back. If you want one, grab it today, none of our recent products have lasted more than a few days.

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