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Define Your Moments or They Will Define You

Memories are Made.
Not borrowed.
Not a lucky break. (most of the time)
Not the product of circumstance.
They are deliberate and hand-crafted works of human and kinetic art.

A few days before I launched this website and left on a journey to travel around the world, I was discussing my work and philosophy over a coffee in Stratford-on-Avon with my dear friend Nick Walton, who Melissa and I are currently collaborating with on a Shakespearean education project for teachers. I asked Nick what he thought about our misfit ethos, and he said something to me I will never forget. “Well, AJ, it sounds like you are saying … define your moments or they will define you.”


You can spend the rest of your days making excuses about why things didn’t break your way, or you can start right now handcrafting the memories that will make you smile in twenty years time.

I’m not kidding.

I don’t care how long you’ve sat dormant. Or how many dreams you’ve tucked away through the years. Or how many adventures you almost started but didn’t have the guts to pull the trigger on.

Tomorrow is your gift from the Universe.

You have a choice.

Your life is a canvas.
And You are holding the paintbrush.

Now what are you going to do about it?

Your Fellow Misfit,



Ps – Today, I am releasing a new piece I’ve been working on for quite some time now, my very first Letterpress PrintThe Define Your Moments or They Will Define You print is a handcrafted, limited edition 13×19 inch art piece which is based on the quote from The Life & Times of a Remarkable Misfit. It is an artisanal letterpress print, crafted on heavy card stock made from recycled paper. Also, I placed a very vibrant, very misfit red bleed on the edge of the print to make it stand out while adorning your wall. This product will be available on Trendy Misfit until the end of September (or until sold out if I can’t print more!), but each day the sale price will increase by one dollar.  Oh, and here’s a 58 second video of me sharing the story behind this art project.

Pps – If you are an email subscriber to Pursuit of Everything, and are thinking about snagging a Define Your Moments Print before they are all gone, just reply to this email first, I have a little something for you.


Oh, and if you have a moment today, would you mind sharing this essay with someone you know who may need to hear it? Thanks, it would mean the world to me. 


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