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Correlation does not Necessarily Imply Causation

Michael Jordan drank a bottle of red gatorade before each 50 point game.

Casey  Neistat shot his amazing new film on a Canon 5d, and Dwight Shrute tweeted about it.

Seth writes a blog post every single day, and has a gazillion page views per hour.


Just because two variables are legitimately correlated, does not necessarily imply any causal relationship between them.

People confuse causation with correlation often. Particularly in seeking to decode “success”. Our desire is for a recipe, a diet, a check list, a manual that will guide us towards the unmarked kingdom inhabited by those we admire.

There are two problems with this.

One. Success is not a destination.

And two. Success is nebulous and therefore impossible to define universally.

Because of this, success is veritably impossible to replicate.

And even if you somehow managed to replicate it – to emulate the career or the writing style or the photography or the fundraising campaigns of some other dude, it will matter as much to us as sitting down to a bowl of the generic brand of Cocoa Cripsies. Sure they look similar, but we all know they’re just bullshit knock-offs that taste like cardboard drenched in Hersey’s Syrup.


A few weeks ago, Andy White brought his film crew out to our little Misfit Outpost in Stratford-on-Avon to interview me about my upcoming book, the evolution of Misfit Incorporated and five years worth of nomading around the world and making things happen.

Here is a direct link.

This is, without question, one of the most in-depth interviews I have ever done.

In it, Andy asks me about the early days of reinventing my entire life. And I tell him about the time Melissa and I sat, with pen in hand and notebook in lap, and started to write a simple list, entitled Our Life: Two years from today, documenting exactly what “success” would look like for us if there were no pretext or “shoulds”.  


The trick is not in spending our days seeking to decode the “success” of those we admire, it’s in putting our own pen to the parchment of our own existence.

Life can be a simple equation, or it can be a wild-eyed adventure.

But it cannot be both.

And the choice, my friend, is entirely yours.

From Stratford-on-Avon
Your Fellow Misfit,

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