What is the One thing you want to do with the rest of your life?

Unless you want to become a neurosurgeon or an airline pilot or an astronaut, this question is veritably useless. Most of the individuals I respect and admire do a great many things, some completely disparate, and most do them concurrently. But you want to know a sad truth? I have personally known people who have been in a...

What is the One thing you want to do with the rest of your life?ajleon

The Paralysis of Waiting

There are few things on this earth more dangerous than waiting. Waiting for the perfect time to launch. Waiting to have enough money to start. Waiting for your friends to think you can. Waiting for some blogger or regional manager or magazine editor to notice. Waiting for God to increase the hours of the day. Waiting until the kids graduate....

The Paralysis of Waitingajleon

Handstands on Dirt Roads & the Big Winner

It's 10:47 pm. My head is slightly tilted admiring the brightest stars I've seen since I was standing on the shores of Lake Malawi two months ago. I see a patch of mischievous clouds swirling towards me, and I can hear their thunder in the distance. I'm watching the moonlight careen off the rush of...

Handstands on Dirt Roads & the Big Winnerajleon

A List of 10 Essential Don’ts

We always give advice about what to do.  But sometimes I think knowing what not to do is much more helpful.  Here’s a list of 10 Essential “Don’ts” for people who were meant to change the world.   Don’t wait for permission. Don’t spend your life chasing money. Don’t quit because it hurts. (quit because you’re smart enough to launch the...

A List of 10 Essential Don’tsajleon

Once in a Lifetime

The problem with "once in a lifetime" is that it is usually a myth. Something we tell ourselves to mollify the demons of our own complacency. In The Life & Times of a Remarkable Misfit, I stipulate that waiting might be the most dangerous enterprise we could possibly engage in. There are few things on this...

Once in a Lifetimeajleon

Define Your Moments or They Will Define You

The sun shone high, the wind was soft and warm, the water below looked like sheet rock and I could hear a loud thumping coming from somewhere behind my sternum. There I was in Peru suspended over the Urubamba River, with a man named Eric telling me to just let go and jump. Easy for...

Define Your Moments or They Will Define Youajleon

The Life and Times of A Remarkable Misfit

Click here to Download the PDF ---“There are times when we sail so far off course, when our dreams are so far from reach that they appear but balmy glimmers violently strewn on a distant horizon which we will never pierce. When complacency and compliance, when safety and security have so entranced us, that gradual reform is...

The Life and Times of A Remarkable Misfitajleon

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