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Bravery & Defiance

“The sum of all our answer is but this:We would not seek a battle, as we are; Nor, as we are, we say we will not shun it.” Henry V at Agincourt

Bravery is the highest virtue.
Bravery runs into the castle to save the girl and slay the dragon. It courageously seeks out the tallest giant, the greatest obstacle and the most virulent enemy. It is Bravery that emboldens you the moment you leave the job you never wanted or set off on the adventure of a lifetime or spend your last few dollars on a popup space in Chelsea to showcase your art.

Defiance, of course, is not a virtue at all.
But is equally important.

The difference is entirely one of posture. Bravery leans in it’s shoulder, Defiance digs in it’s heals. Bravery storms the gates, Defiance holds the line. Bravery raises it’s arms, Defiance clenches it’s fists.

You may not always have the emotional energy to be brave, but you must always have the last resort of being defiant.

My dear friends Liz and Terry produce a wonderful event named SOBcon in Chicago every year in May. Its more of a work of kinetic art than it is a conference. It is Terry and Liz’s song to the world. An enlightened gathering, not just of entrepreneurs and business people, but of like-minded souls that are hell-bent on changing the world. And they speak of their community like I speak of my family.

SOBcon is more than the sum of it’s production, it is Liz and Terry’s Magnum Opus. Their great work.

The week Liz was diagnosed with throat cancer last Fall, she sent Terry this text message.

Yes, I have cancer. No, we are not canceling SOBcon.

Since that moment, Liz has been in constant sessions of radiation and chemotherapy. She has broken her hip and her shoulder. And she is still standing.

And there is no doubt in my mind that on a sunny morning on May 3rd, my hero, Liz Strauss, the most courageous human that has ever graced my path in this life, will defiantly walk across the stage at the Summit Executive Center in Chicago.

And I hope you’ll join her there to cheer her on.


In the end.

Know what you stand for.

And on your very best days strive to be Brave, but even on your very worst days, stand in Defiance.

The world needs you.

From Port Aransas,TX
Your Fellow Misfit,

Written from: a beautiful room in the lovely Port Royal Resort
Image: Small Town

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