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A Misfit’s Calling and the One and Only Spot at Misfit Camp

“We live in a world where bad stories are told, stories that teach us life doesn’t mean anything and that humanity has no great purpose. It’s a good calling, then, to speak a better story. How brightly a better story shines. How easily the world looks to it in wonder. How grateful we are to hear these stories, and how happy it makes us to repeat them.”  Donald Miller

In my experience, those that are changing the world feel as though they are called to it. They feel as though they are called to be on this beautiful planet at this particular time for a particular reason. Called to produce work that actually matters. And called to change the trajectory of the lives of those they encounter in a manner and a method in which only they can.

The arrogance of recognizing that your existence truly matters will not be understood by most. Because of course, the pragmatist cannot comprehend the poetic.


I launched this site just 47 days ago.

I launched it because I feel like I have a calling too. A calling to write for you and for a very small army of misfits.  To encourage you to live deliberately. To do work that truly matters. To give more than you get. To seek out your own personal legend and to live a life of purpose and meaning. I feel like I was put here right at this very moment to write for the happy few that were meant to change the world.

But sometimes I can do more than write and encourage.

Sometimes, I can lend a hand.

Today is one of those days.

Misfit Camp – 3 Days that will Change Your Life

Four years ago, when I decided to start changing the world, the most difficult element was, of course, in getting started. It was in evolving my ideas into fully formed business and creative and social projects that could truly change the world. And then it was in actually designing and developing them into real, tangible web-based projects.

The day I launched [pursuitofeverything.com] five weeks ago, I launched a giveaway to help one person go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Today, on my 47 day old website, I am launching another giveaway to help you change the world.

The prize?

On January 25th of 2013, you will meet me for a free 3 day Misfit Camp where I will personally work with you to launch a business or creative or social project of yours into to the world.

How will this work?

On January 25th of 2013, I will fly one person (with a great idea) out to an undisclosed location in North America for a free 3 day one on one workshop where I will personally work with you to launch your concept to the world. It won’t be just be me, the full force of the Misfits will work tirelessly to make it happen – brainstorm, concepts, wireframes, design, development, video, copy, execution and launch – everything from sketchbook to market. This will not cost you a dime, it will be an all expenses paid trip as well as my team working with you, day and night, for 3 days, to launch that project sitting in your sketchpad. To give you an idea of the value of this, the entry budget for just a website redesign at Misfit is $30,000.

How do I enter the POE Giveaway, AJ?

Fill out the Misfit Camp application form here (The Misfit Camp application form is now closed), and answer the questions in as much depth as possible.

Prize Specifics.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a millionaire. This is a big stretch for me, but of course, I believe it’s the right thing to do and so I’m doing it.

Let me be clear, the prize is NOT for a three day vacation.

The prize IS a free 3 day intensive, one on one, workshop with you, me and my band of remarkable misfits.

Here is what you get.

From January 25th to January 27th, my team of Misfits and I will host you in a very cool (to be determined) location somewhere in North America and will personally work with you to brainstorm, conceptualize, design, develop and launch your business or creative or social project into the world in three days. This prize includes three days of my full attention and my team’s full attention on your project, including the design and development of a new website (as well as any video production or other design elements required as part of the launch).

Here is what you don’t get.

Long term support, hosting, consultation or anything else.

We will hop on a few GoToMeeting’s prior to the start of Misfit Camp to prepare, and I will do everything in my power to help you launch your project into the world from January 25th to 27th, but you have to take it from there. There will be no ongoing support whatsoever.

When is the Misfit Camp?

From January 25th through January 27th. As you know, I’m currently on a 1,880 day trip around the world and I’m flying you out to meet me on it. These are the only dates that work, they are not negotiable. Please do not apply if you cannot be available during these dates.

Do I have to be in United States or North America?

No. Applications to Misfit Camp can come from anywhere in the world. However, keep in mind that I will fly you to meet me in North America irrespective of where you are from, which means you are responsible for ensuring that you can enter the United States and have a proper visa, documentation, etc.

Will I have to pay for accommodations and food?

No. I will pay for your flight, accommodations, food, a few glasses of Prosecco and of course at least one chocolate croissant.

How much will this cost you, AJ?

I will be donating 3 days of my life to this project and paying my entire team (including designers and developers) to work on this project on your behalf. I will also pay for your flight, accommodations, food, etc.  So, we’re talking several thousand dollars.

In terms of value, as I stated above, the entry budget for just a website design at Misfit is $30,000. I estimate the total value of this giveaway at somewhere around $50,000 + my donated time.

Why am I Doing This?

This is not a stunt. Take note. I am not selling anything right now, and there are certainly cheaper ways to market a new website. I feel like it is my calling to help you change the world, and I take that calling very seriously. In addition to writing here for a small group of remarkable misfits, at this point I am in a position to dramatically help one person change the trajectory of their lives and I want to do it. That’s it. Oh, and because generosity always wins.

Is there a Sponsor for This Giveaway?

No. This is on me and Melissa and the Misfits.

How Will People be Selected?

The selection process will be very simple. The Misfit Camp application form above will be open until next Friday evening (10/12) at 11:59PM EST. Then my anonymous group of Selection Jedi’s will choose one person to receive the prize. I’ll announce the winner in the following Thursday’s post (10/18). Simple as that.

Who will be Selecting the Winner?

Not me. I have a small and anonymous group of Jedi’s that I love and trust who will make the selection of the winner of the Misfit Camp giveaway. Please do not attempt to email me or Facebook message me or DM me about your application. I will not even look at all of the applications until my Jedi’s put forward the winner.

What will the Jedi Council take into consideration?

The answers to the questions stated above. The story you tell.  The idea you have. The passion you have to launch it. The way it will change your life and change the world. And the impact that it will have.

What will be REQUIRED of you if you win?

#1 You need to be available to travel to an undisclosed location (somewhere in North America) from January 25th to 27th. These dates are non-negotiable.
#2 You need to work with Jessie on my team to book your travel and accommodation.
#3 You need to commit to sticking with the project for at least one year.

What types of ideas are allowed?

I don’t want to place too much of a limitation here. Any project that you have had sitting in a sketchbook, and feel will change the world and change your life. It can be a business project, a creative project or a social/charity project.

What types of ideas are not allowed?

Web applications (or anything resembling a software start up).
iOS, Android or any mobile applications.
Anything that involves distasteful pornography or dog fighting. 😉

The Problem with Doing Stuff Like This.

I stated this in my Once in a Lifetime giveaway article as well. In my experience, whenever anyone tries to do something generous on the web, the internet trolls have a way of coming out and sucking the fun right out of it. If you are a troll, please don’t come near this giveaway. I would be eternally grateful. Please don’t email me in two weeks telling me what an asshole I am for not selecting you, okay? Please. Just this once, Mr. Troll, stay in your dirty little interweb cave, playing reruns of Battlestar Galactica and eating Twinkie’s and stale Cheetos, or whatever the hell it is you do in there.

What you Need to Do Right Now.

DO NOT fill out the Misfit Camp application form right now.

Take a moment to think about this.

What project have you had sitting in that sketchbook. What idea do you have that could truly change your life and make this world a little different because you were in it?

This is no small thing.

This is a question about you and your calling. About your pursuit. It is a revelation about your very own personal legend, and your willingness to think it through. Make no mistake, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Take some time to really flesh it out before you fill out the Misfit Camp application form.

And remember, even if you don’t win, at the very least you will know exactly which direction you need to head towards.


Alright, I’m off to wander the streets of Bangkok with the entire Misfit team, we flew everyone out here for our first annual Misfit Assembly.

Here’s to changing the world!

Don’t forget, the deadline ends next Friday night (10/12) at 11:59pm EST.

Your fellow Misfit,


Ps – Do me a favor and share this with whomever you know needs to hear about this opportunity, not necessarily for the chance that they may win, but for the chance that they will begin to craft their very own calling.

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