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A List of 10 Essential Don’ts

We always give advice about what to do.  But sometimes I think knowing what not to do is much more helpful.  Here’s a list of 10 Essential “Don’ts” for people who were meant to change the world.


Don’t wait for permission.

Don’t spend your life chasing money.

Don’t quit because it hurts. (quit because you’re smart enough to launch the right thing)

Don’t try to be perfect.

Don’t believe everything they tell you.

Don’t expect the world to owe you something.

Don’t accumulate stuff because everyone else does.

Don’t listen to anyone.

Don’t squander the greatest asset you possess – the hours of your one and only life.

Don’t follow well lit paths. (grab a machete and hack down your own)


From Stratford-on-Avon

Your Fellow Misfit,



Originally published in August 2012. 

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