A tiny conference about making a huge dent in
The Universe

Note: Due to the incredibly limited amount of spaces available, submission does not guarantee acceptance.


  • An intimate, two day event in Fargo about changing the world. (No laptops or phones allowed)
  • Sessions include: The Economics of Crazy, Kickstarter Hacks, Writing your very own Revolution and more...
  • Experience includes: sunrise photowalk, attending an indie art gallery, eating local cuisine, drinking artisan coffee, listening to some local folk music as well as a few other fun activities.
  • Experience does not include: shitty conference food and drab cocktails, watered down seminars with everyone half listening, boring people and bad coffee.
AJ Leon
AJ Leon
Misfit Conf Host
“My merry band of Misfits and I are designing the entire experience of Misfit Conf: Fargo with you, a bonafide misfit, in mind. Misfit Conf is a deliberately tiny event handcrafted to help you walk out and change the world.”
  • 2 Day Event
  • 8 Countries Represented
  • 450 Bucks Per Ticket
  • Fargo, North Dakota

The vision of Misfit Conf

is simply this: to empower you to march out and make a dent in the Universe.

What do I mean by this?

We will spend two days producing individual workshops on very specific elements about how to build a profitable business with a Purpose that allows you to live the life you want while helping those less fortunate than you.

Here are some of the topics/sessions that we are bouncing around now:

  • How to build a $5,000 website on a $250 budget.
  • The ROI of being a Changemaker: How doing Free Work may be the most profitable enterprise for your business.
  • The Economics of Crazy: Learn how and why to double down when everything inside you tells you to be safe.
  • Life Hacks: How to create a business that molds to the life you want to lead.
    Personal Legend: How to identify your Life’s Work in a project-centric world.
  • Kickstarter Tricks: How to tell a story, provide value and raise capital for your projects on Kickstarter.
  • Rise of The Cubicle Farmer: A Case study on a profitable, sponsor-powered American road trip that changed our business forever.
  • Writing your Very Own Revolution: How becoming a better writer can help you identify and lead a small, dedicated revolution of your own.
  • And a few more….

Details You're Probably Wondering About

FAR – Hector International Airport
Things to Consider before booking flights.
#1 You should get in on the evening of the 30th as we’ll start early on the 31st. And yes, June 1st will be a full day with an evening get together.
#2 The conference starts on May 31, but we will have some late drinks and munchies for those that come in early enough on May 30.
#3 The Misfits and I are planning on staying in Fargo for at least one day after the event, and will leave our schedule open on a first come, first served basis for free 90 minute consultations about any project you may be working on. This is a perk, and not part of the normal conference.

AJ, aren't conferences expensive and risky? Why are you doing this?

The answer is yes. Conferences are fraught with risk and are indeed expensive to produce. And usually generate no meaningful profit unless you’ve been at it for several years. The reason we decided to produce this tiny conference is because there is a magic when you get people doing or trying amazing things at one gathering whose sole purpose is to instigate the creation of more amazing things. And I’ve been wanting to facilitate that for some time.

Why are you limiting the group?

By now you know me well enough to know that I am not a person with a strong proclivity towards mass. I like to feel the things I make. I like to greet each new reader. I like to take my time pushing pixels on my next design. Not because I think that it is necessarily the best way, it’s just my way. 
But in many ways, I do believe small can be more powerful than big, I believe lightness can be more potent than heaviness. I’m not saying I will never attempt to produce a larger event, like a Global Misfit Assembly or something, but I wanted this first Misfit Conf to be an event where everyone gets to meet everyone else. Where I can feel each component, each variable in my fingers as we are crafting the experience. Where possible synergies and partnerships might emerge simply because the individuals that come had the courage to be “in the room”. Also, I want this to be an adventure. You can’t do a morning photo walk with 250 people. You know what I mean?

Fargo?!? Seriously? Are you out of your mind?

C’mon, it’s called Misfit Conf, what the hell did you expect? Two years ago, Melissa and I took a 60 day journey around the country using Amtrak alone. It was a phenomenal experience, and had a profound impact on my paradigm of many regions of the United States. I’ve always thought America was a beautiful country, but while I was zipping down the rails through the Great Plains for hours with no cell service, I fell head over heels. Then I get dropped off in a tiny town called Fargo. It has one main street. Downtown is 7 blocks long. It has a beautiful, antiquated cinema. And for some reason that I cannot explain more independent artists than many urban areas I’ve visited the world over. I remember loving it. But most importantly, I wanted the inaugural Misfit Conf to be in a town that no one has ever been to or will likely return to. An adventure. Everyone will have gone to New York or San Francisco or Los Angeles and have an amalgamation of memories from different epochs in their lives there. But there will, more than likely, only be one Fargo. The friendships and drinks and laughs and learnings of which will have a place all their own.

Note: Due to the incredibly limited amount of spaces available, submission does not guarantee acceptance.