Photo by J. Alan Paul Photography
  • I'm misfit and I'm damn proud of it. #misfitconf
  • Fucking brilliant artist drew everyone at #misfitconf
  • Pretty cool to see the city of Fargo supporting #misfitconf! @ Downtown Fargo
  • Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it's decoration.
    Jeffrey Zeldman
  • I heart these crazy people. #misfitconf @ Ecce Art and Yoga
  • Some of the kindest, most generous & passionate people I've met. #misfitconf
  • I rarely get conference envy, but @ajleon & @melissaleon have me so pumped to go to NEXT year's #misfitconf!
  • Is Pinterest real life? Yes, at #misfitconf it is @ Ecce Art and Yoga
  • Leaving Fargo. It is no exaggeration to say that the Misfit Conference was my favorite conference of all time. Heart brimming with love.
  • To say that #misfitconf has left me feeling inspired does not even begin to cover it.

Their Words Not Ours

Misfit is an artisan and handcrafted event produced by AJ Leon and his band of remarkable Misfits. It will be held in Fargo (possibly for the last time), and it will be amazing. Don’t believe us, check out last year’s event. That’s all we can tell you for now. Spaces are extremely limited, so if you have any desire to attend, we suggest you apply now as we will be accepting applicants on a rolling basis. Ticket price is Four-Hundred and Seventy Five Dollars.

Our Local Partners

Misfit is a deliberately small event handcrafted to help you walk out and make a dent in the Universe.
It is an experience that centers around a mixture of inspiring and tactical talks given by some of the galaxy’s most brilliant minds, but it is wrapped in art and film and culinary thoughtfulness. The attendee to speaker ratio is roughy 4:1. There is no live streaming, no videos of talks and no laptops allowed in the room. Oh, and the coffee is amazing. Last year, we had accountants, iOS developers, filmmakers, marketers, dog trainers, artists, moccasin makers and even a blacksmith, all descend upon Fargo with one singular ethos – to live life with intention and to do work that truly matters. Because the spaces are so limited, tickets are available by application only. Hope to see you there!

Your fellow misfit,