The Honorary Misfit membership is an exclusive program for professional troublemakers. The membership is extremely limited as it involves many perks, and we only release new spaces every few months. The membership fee is $49 per quarter. Those that apply and are accepted represent what we consider to be the patrons of Misfit Incorporated.

They receive a private monthly dispatch from AJ, in which he candidly speaks about the practical and financial inner workings of Misfit’s business, creative and humanitarian projects. They also receive an open invitation to any Misfit Dinner, automatic entry into Misfit Con, a limited edition handcrafted print copy of Misfit’s creative arts journal every four months, access (on a first come, first served basis) to our remarkably funky Lower East Side apartment for one weekend a year, access to special giveaways and Lifetime Discounts on any purchases at Trendy Misfit, Misfit Themes and Twitgift. Honorary Misfits also have access to a private form where they can contact Misfit team members with specific issues relating to their own projects.

If you are interested in becoming an Honorary Misfit, please join the wait list below to receive a notification when we release new spaces.