Pocket Change To Change Our World Fundraiser - Headed by Jordan and Niko Spinella

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Genevieve and Mirko are parents to two amazing young children who, upon hearing what their mum and dad had signed up to, immediately wanted to be a part of it. They are running a "Pocket Change To Change Our World" fundraiser in their classrooms as well as throughout their community in Duarte, California.


Jordan and Niko are asking everyone they know to collect all the pocket change they have laying around the house, between the seats in the car, or in that purse you only use once in a while and donate it to this worthy cause. For less than what you spend on your daily latte, you can help build a windmill in Gambella!


Gambella village in Kenya needs a windmill to complete its five-year journey towards sustainability. The windmill will help irrigate the crops of 500 families all year round, thereby providing them with the ability to eat fresh produce every day and sell the excess in the local markets, eliminating any need for aid. This will serve as an empowering graduation present for a village that is in the final stages of GHNI's rigorous Transformational Community Development program.


Jordan and Niko are living proof that you don’t have to be rich, or have more time, or even be an adult to make real changes in the world!


Do you want to be a part of Jordan and Niko's success? Go ahead and click on the blue "Support the Project" button and make a donation now. Every dollar counts and even a donation as small as $1 makes a huge impact. Thank you!



RAISED: $581.2 of $500