Kayla's Fundraiser

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Kayla will be baking and selling cupcakes and sugar cookies in the Fargo-Moorhead area.  Cupcakes will be $5.00 each and sugar cookies $2.00 each. 60% of the sales (3.00 for cupcakes and $1.20 for cookies) will go directly to this project. Buy as many or as few as you want and you will be contributing to the improvement of many individuals’ lives. I will deliver to the Fargo-Morehead area. The sugar cookies will be round and be fun, bright colors and are topped with sprinkles. You can choose between vanilla almond and key lime cupcakes. If you want to order at least 12 cupcakes of a different kind from my menu please contact me and we can make that possible!

Feel free to contact with any questions (indulgence.cupcakes.fargo@gmail.com or 701-341-8952). Thank you for contributing to the single greatest cause in the world; humanity. Cheers to you, you are one good misfit and the worlds needs you!

RAISED: $546.3 of $500


Fargo, ND