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TOTAL RAISED: $21017 of 15000

Here's what we've raised towards our total so far. If you want to help move that blue bar even further in the right direction, click on the big blue 'donate' button at the bottom of this page and give what you can.

The Experiment

You've heard of crowd-funding sites right? Well, this is like that, but with physical events. We are bringing together 30 trailblazing Misfits from all over the place to run their own individual fundraising event. These 30 people will each raise a minimum of $500 each from their own communities to raise a total of $15,000. Imagine 30 ripples, each caused by one brave person sticking their toe into unknown waters. Then imagine those ripples spreading and running into each other to create one huge ripple. That is what Good Misfit is.

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  • Good Misfits

The Windmill

  • About Us
  • About Us

Gambella village in Kenya needs a windmill to complete its five-year journey towards sustainability. The windmill will help irrigate the crops of 500 families all year round, thereby providing them with the ability to eat fresh produce every day and sell the excess in the local markets, eliminating any need for aid. This will serve as an empowering graduation present for a village that is in the final stages of GHNI's rigorous Transformational Community Development program. Click here to watch a video of Jeff Power of GHNI explaining the story behind the windmill in more depth.

How we're going to do this

The Good Misfit project will unite thirty misfits from around the world in making a true and tangible difference to the lives of the people of Gambella in Kenya. Each of these thirty people will raise $500 each using whatever fundraising methods they can, in the hopes of raising a grand total of $15,000 - which will go towards covering the costs of building a windmill.

Any Good Misfits that smash their targets of $500 will get an extra special present from the Misfits for their awesome work.

  • We can do this!
  • We can do this!

The Good Misfits

About the Windmill


What will the windmill do?

This windmill will give a village of 500 people the ability to properly irrigate their crops all year round. This will hugely increase the yield of crops they can grow which will give the village enough excess income to be completely independent from foreign aid.


How much does it cost?

We are raising $15,000 towards the cost of the windmill but there are always extra costs involved. That is why we are going to try and smash our target to smitherines.


How will it change things for Gambella?

This windmill will mark Gambella's graduation from GHNI's Transformation Community Development program. Gambella has collectively worked its backside off for the last five years to try and create a better future for their children. In just five short years, with GHNI's help, they have gone from having no water supply, very few crops, very high child mortality, widespread disease and completely dependent on aid from NGOs, to being this close to complete self-sustainability. That is a pretty amazing feat in anyone's book.

Tell us your idea


The only rule for this project is that you must be sure that you can raise $500 by the end of June. if you cannot commit to the full $500 but still want to be involved, please contact Jessie for more information on how you can still play a part.